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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC.                149

however, is willing to make the most of anything
I can do, tell, or suggest.

December izth, 1796.

Madame des Entelles tells me her father wishes
me to sanction his translation of Milton. There
have been ten already both in verse and prose,
and none now would sell  but it is his hobby-
horse, poor man!

I have been to 1'Hotel de N6sle, where all the
pictures, vases, &c., taken out of the emigrants'
houses, are deposited. The Directory have car-
ried off all the best to furnish their apartments,
public and private, as well as those of other
officers. Most of those remaining are marked
M. for the Muse6, D. for the Directoire, and G.
or N., the latter being for Madame de Nort, the
divorced wife of the African Vaillant, who has
sold his birds to the nation, and is repaid in

At the Petits Augustins they have collected
all the tombs, statues, busts, epitaphs, &c., from
the demolished churches; they are all piled up
in the court, or ranged in borders like the par-